What happens if you miss the UCAS deadline?

What happens if you miss the UCAS deadline?

More students than ever are applying to university at the last minute – but how does it affect your application?

Almost 17,000 students got into university this year after missing the 30 June deadline – over 10% more than the previous record. After this date, you can only apply through Clearing, the system usually used to find a place if you don’t get the exam results you need.

Going straight into Clearing means you have less choice about universities and courses, as many places will have gone already. However, it does give you a chance to get a university place without waiting a whole year, so it’s very useful if you change your mind, your exam results are different to what you expected, or something goes wrong with your other plans.

To give yourself the best chance and the biggest choice of courses, you should submit your UCAS application by 15 January. Remember, you’ll need to leave time for your teacher or tutor to write your reference and send the application off, so try to have your part of the application done well in advance.

If you miss the 15 January deadline, you can still apply up until 30 June, but universities don’t have to look at it. The sooner you apply, the more likely you are to get a place even if you missed the deadline.

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