How the subject you study affects what you earn

How the subject you study affects what you earn

Some subjects lead to twice the average pay of others, according to a new analysis.

The research looked at how much people earned five years after finishing university. The top earners were medicine and dentistry students, who made an average of  £46,700 a year – more than twice what arts and design graduates earned. Engineering, maths, veterinary science and economics also led to high earnings.

While the subject you choose can make a big difference to your future, the results don’t mean that studying medicine is the best choice for everyone. If a subject doesn’t suit you, you’re less likely to do well in your studies and to turn your degree into career success – and a subject you hate is less likely to lead to a job you enjoy. Find out more about choosing a subject at university.

The analysis only looked at people with degrees. While people with degrees usually earn more, this isn’t always true: for example, some high-level apprenticeships lead to higher average pay than university, and don’t require you to pay back a student loan. Find out more about apprenticeships. 
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