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Student Volunteering Week runs from 20 – 26 February
Student Volunteering Week (SVW) is an opportunity for students to get involved with good causes across the country.

What are the best cities for students?
Two new rankings have rated university cities to find the best cities in the world for studying.

Student loan selloff: how will it affect you?
The government's decision to sell off student debts is making headlines – but unless you went to uni before 2012, it doesn't affect you yet.

National Student Money Week 2017: Waste Not, Want Not
This year's National Student Money Week looks at simple ways to save money by cutting down on waste and unnecessary spending.

Can you trust your revision guides?
An investigation has found mistakes in GCSE maths revision guides. Find out how you can avoid being caught out.

UCAS deadline: Sunday 15 January
If you haven't submitted your UCAS application yet, you have less than two weeks to send it in.

Would you pay higher fees to get your degree quicker?
Universities could be allowed to charge higher fees for two-year courses, the Telegraph reports.

Merry Christmas from Brightside
Everyone at Brightside would like to wish you a merry Christmas and a happy new year.

What can you do if your university lets you down?
An Oxford graduate is taking the university to court, claiming bad teaching hurt his results. But problems at uni don't have to end up in court.

New nursing apprenticeships start in 2017
From September 2017, aspiring nurses will be able to train on-the-job while earning a wage.