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Geography: BA or BSc?

Geography: BA or BSc?Geography is one of the few subjects often offered as both a BA and a BSc - so what's the difference?

Most of the time, a BA Geography will focus on human geography, while a BSc will focus on physical geography. The entry requirements may also be different, with a BSc requiring a scientific focus in your A-levels.

However, most geography degrees will contain elements of both human and physical geography, and allow you to change your focus as your interests develop during your course. You are likely to be able to change from a BA to a BSc or vice versa during your course if it better suits what you are studying. At many universities, you will choose from the same modules on either course, and the choice of degree will just be a formality.

Some universities might only offer a BA or a BSc but still offer the same range of course options, so don't assume anything about what's on offer just because of the kind of degree you'll get.

Whatever you want to focus on, the most important thing is to research the course in detail before you apply, so that you know it will cover the areas that you are interested in. Once you've graduated, what you studied and achieved will be far more important than which letters you have after your name, so it's worth taking the time to look into your course in depth.