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Crazy business ideas that work!

Crazy business ideas that work!Want to start a business, but worried that your idea is too ‘out there’? Take courage! All of the wacky ventures below are turning a profit, despite being pretty unusual!

Keep your kids’ imaginations alive with Santamail! Young entrepreneur Byron Reese has sent over 250,000 letters from Santa since he started the company. His secret? There isn’t one – he simply takes the orders, posts the letters from Alaska, and collects the cash.

Think ‘School of Rock’ is just a film idea? Think again. Often the most successful businesses are based on personal passions – that’s certainly true in the case of Jason Gittinger, who saw a gap in the market and formed the Detroit School of Rock.

Want people to walk all over your product? Then maybe you should contact Beach ‘n’ Billboard. This advertising company will print your marketing message into the sand along some of the most popular beaches is the US, meaning that your product gets lots of exposure, and there are none of those environmentally damaging posters to worry about.

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